Our Power, Our Choice

The future of electric power in Coastal North County San Diego

Our Mission

We engage the residents of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar to support the local effort for a not-for-profit electricity provider ("Community Choice Energy") as an alternative to SDG&E and the clearest path to 100% clean energy


The north coastal CCE technical study is **HERE**.

TC Golez expresses the Encinitas Team's support for the technical study to the Encinitas City Council on February 20.

Summary of technical study findings:

  • "...the formation of a (multi-city) CCE is financially feasible and could yield considerable benefits for all participating residents and businesses."
  • "Benefits could include electric retail rates that are at least 2% lower compared with SDG&E rates."
  • "...costs projected under most combinations of variables and potential market conditions will not negatively impact CCE rates compared to SDG&E rates, and where negative impacts may exist, those risks can be mitigated."
  • "The draft study substantiates the assertion in (Encinitas's) CAP that forming a CCE program could be a financially feasible means ... to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the 2030 emissions reduction target established in the CAP."

Presentations to local city councils are on the following dates:

  • Carlsbad: February 26, 6:00pm
  • Del Mar: March 4, 4:30pm

What's Happening?

Cities across California are creating a choice for electricity customers that delivers local control, local benefits, and more clean energy at competitive rates. San Diego coastal north county cities have banded together to do the same. (Read more...)

Community Choice Energy in a Nutshell

Mike Levin Supports Community Choice

Community Choice Energy enjoys widespread bipartisan support. Representative Mike Levin's Congressional District (CA-49) includes all four north coastal cities that commissioned a joint CCE technical study, as well as Solana Beach that has an operational CCE. Rep. Levin has expressed his support for Community Choice Energy in a letter to constituents. Click to read the full text of the letter.

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