Community Choice Resources

Learn More About Community Choice Energy

The Sierra Club's two-page fact sheet is a great summary specific to San Diego County. The Sierra Club actively promotes local Community Choice Energy efforts. Please use our contact page if you would like to participate.

The Clean Power Exchange serves as a hub of information, resources, and conversation for communities considering a Community Choice Energy program, and has assisted several CCE programs through their start-up process. Their Interactive Map shows the status of Community Choice Energy across California.

Lean Energy US promotes Community Choice Energy nationwide. Their California page provides a wealth of information on the history of CCE in California, and status reports on all the efforts within the state.

Operational Community Choice Energy Programs

Name Start Date Rates & Clean Energy %
MCE Clean Energy May 2010 compared to PG&E
Sonoma Clean Power May 2014 compared to PG&E
Lancaster Choice Energy May 2015 compared to SoCal Edison
CleanPowerSF May 2016 compared to PG&E
Peninsula Clean Energy Oct 2016 compared to PG&E
Apple Valley Choice Energy April 2017 compared to SoCal Edison
Silicon Valley Clean Energy April 2017 compared to PG&E
Redwood Coast Energy Authority May 2017 compared to PG&E
PRIME September 2017 compared to SoCal Edison
Clean Power Alliance February 2018 compared to SoCal Edison
Pioneer Community Energy February 2018 compared to PG&E
Monterey Bay Community Power March 2018 compared to PG&E
San Jacinto Power April 2018 compared to SoCal Edison
Solana Energy Alliance June 2018 compared to SDG&E
Valley Clean Energy Alliance June 2018 compared to PG&E
East Bay Community Energy June 2018 compared to PG&E

And the list will be growing! These Community Choice programs will be launching soon: