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Peninsula Clean Energy Maintains 5% Discount

Excerpted from Peninsula Clean Energy press release

This month, Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) will begin sending notices to 210,000 residences and businesses throughout San Mateo County to inform them that they are about to receive cleaner electricity and simultaneously save money.

At their January board meeting, the PCE Board of Directors unanimously approved new rates for all PCE customers that go into effect in time for the large April 2017 customer enrollment. The rate change will maintain Peninsula Clean Energy’s 5% discount below PG&E’s electric generation rates for PCE’s customers, for greener electricity with 50% renewable content. PG&E’s electricity has 30% renewable content.

Residents and businesses across the County have noticed higher energy bills this winter. Over the past year PG&E increased rates significantly, especially for natural gas and electricity transmission. Peninsula Clean Energy is not a factor in rising bills, and in fact helps customers lower their bills. When PG&E increased the exit fees that community choice energy customers pay by 26%, Peninsula Clean Energy lowered its rates to account for these fees, maintaining a 5% total savings on electricity generation costs for its customers. “We feel it’s very important to offer savings to our customers through competitive rates,” noted PCE CEO Jan Pepper.

“Peninsula Clean Energy is pleased to offer San Mateo County residents the best value for renewable energy possible,” stated San Mateo County Supervisor David Pine, who also serves as the Chair of PCE’s Board. The PCE Board of Directors is composed of 22 members, including a council member from each of the 20 cities in the county and two county supervisors.

Peninsula Clean Energy customers are automatically enrolled in the ECOplus program to enjoy cleaner energy that is 50% renewable (compared to PG&E’s 30% renewable). PCE customers may choose to opt up to ECO100 to receive 100% renewable energy for a small premium of one cent per kilowatt hour. All customers who are currently enrolled in CARE or medical baseline energy discount programs automatically continue in these programs under PCE.