Our Power, Our Choice

Encinitas Votes YES on Community Choice and Climate Action

Wednesday evening, June 28, 2017, was a huge night in Encinitas for local control of electricity rates and sources, and for efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Council unanimously approved the resolution to get a Community Choice Energy (CCE) technical study done, and accepted the draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) with a wonderful 100% clean energy goal.

The CCE Resolution (2017-55) specifically was for the Council to direct the City staff to:

  1. Develop a request for proposals for a joint Community Choice Energy Technical Feasibility Study* not to exceed $100,000;
  2. Authorize the City Manager, in coordination with the City Attorney, to negotiate and execute a cost share agreement between the interested cities; and
  3. Authorize the City Manager to request the release of electricity usage data from San Diego Gas & Electric.

* Details of the technical study process are in our previous blog.

Before the Encinitas resolution was considered, Council Member Joe Mosca stated that he was recusing himself from considering this action item due to his employment by SDG&E, to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. Eight speakers from the public all spoke in favor of the resolution. Council Members also spoke favorably about the proposal while asking questions about the details. The vote on the resolution was then taken and announced as unanimous to the applause of the many CCE supporters who had turned out, including 20 from the Sierra Club.

The next action item was submittal of the draft Climate Action Plan to the Council. The specific request was for Council to:

  1. Receive the updated Draft Climate Action Plan;
  2. Direct any changes or modifications to the document; and
  3. Direct staff to commence CAP Subcommittee review, public review, and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) environmental review.

City staff reviewed for the Council the goals and implementation plans contained in the CAP, presenting the schedule ahead with the following chart:

At the end of the presentation, staff shared a special website the City has developed to provide information about the CAP and the CCE effort at http://www.encinitasenvironment.org/. The site features a dashboard that allows users to explore proposed greenhouse gas reduction by emission category, mitigation strategy, or by a search feature.

Six members of the public spoke in favor of the action, with none opposing, and again the vote on the measure was unanimous.

When Mayor Blakespear signed on to the Sierra Club’s Mayors for 100% Clean Energy initiative she said, "Being an environmentally committed city doesn’t mean just talking about it. It requires bold action." Wednesday night was one brimming with bold action.