Our Power, Our Choice

Big Carlsbad Vote This Tuesday

The Carlsbad City Council is voting on an important next step toward Community Choice Energy this Tuesday. Please join us at the meeting and send a message to the Council beforehand.

As you know from this website, Community Choice is a non-profit electricity provider that a city, or group of cities, can create to gain control over the type of energy that keeps our lights on and the rates we pay for it. It's the most powerful tool a city government has to reduce greenhouse gases and to pursue 100% clean energy. We would have a choice instead of the monopoly SDG&E, the behemoth that was more than happy to push a new fossil fuel power plant on Carlsbad while charging electricity customers $2.2 billion to pay for it.

This Tuesday the Carlsbad City Council will decide whether or not to participate in a Community Choice technical study with other north coastal cities, a vital step on the way to making a decision about forming a new Community Choice electricity provider. No surprise to you, our wonderful Carlsbad volunteer team is pushing for a big turnout of Carlsbad folks to persuade the city council. Please consider attending and inviting more people.

Meeting Time and Place

The meeting is Tuesday, July 11 at City Hall: here is a map. It begins at 6:00 p.m. However, Community Choice is the last agenda item. If you arrive at 6:00 you risk sitting there a long time waiting for our agenda item. After reviewing the other agenda items and discussing their likely length with the City Clerk's office, we recommend that you arrive at 7:30 p.m.

Emails to the City Council

Whether or not you can go, please send an email to the council specifically about voting in favor of the study--and ask some Carlsbad friends and family to do the same. Here is a Sierra Club ready-made message that will go straight to all council members: sc.org/Carlsbad. This is a shortlink that you can email to people and post on social media. Also, anybody can enter this shortlink in the address (URL) bar when on the web---via their phone, iPad, or home computer---and it will go straight to the message. These messages need to get in by 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. Only people with Carlsbad addresses will be able to use it.

Every resident, school, and business in Carlsbad could have a clean energy choice instead of a fossil fuel monopoly. Let's do this, Carlsbad!